Just as exciting…hmm I can actually just say did I get the feelings out I wanted? YES!

A completely different kind of outcome but I got the feeling I was looking for. Ok, universe, I get this.

I’ve just figured how to control the law of attraction in regardless to my feelings. And I’ve always been able to manifest my desires. Well now I am deliberately be happy because I’m consciously choosing to focus on the feelings. The feeling good.



So awesome, weird…haha that’s just LOA that my aunt recorded the whole thing. She said she emailed it. Pretty surreal. I’m not ready to watch it


I am consciously aware of the fact if the fact that I’m deliberately…intentionally…using the Law of Attraction. Napoleon Hill says you must get a burning desire (set intention), 100% belief (how can you control your beliefs…that’s what I just learned!) and take deliberate action (which one?)

Mastery is just conscious competence. 🙂 10,000 times becomes so easy.

I’m almost at unconscious competence with my eating choice. It’s pretty awesome. Working toward that with my feelings about exercising. 🙂 And now onto my VISION!


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