Mining at Salt Pond Beach in Hanapepe, Kauai | Fun Things to Do in Kauai

Watching Hawaiian Salt
being made at the Beach!

On my way to go snorkeling today at Salt Pond Beach, I saw them mining the salt. I love this beach close to home and was excited to find out more about the mining here. Sometimes I see people working out there, but today was different. There were buckets out and it looked like it was harvesting day – I was right!

Here’s some history about the Hawaiian salt making at Salt Pond in Hanapepe, Kauai – I learned a lot about these 26 Hawaiian families who still mine as their ancestors did!

I realized it had been almost a month since I had been snorkeling at this amazing beach 1.5 miles from home. My “inner child” was asking to go play so I honored a playdate. I’m so glad because I had a blast seeing some amazing creatures while snorkeling. There were tons of fish today like puffers and a trumpet fish. The highlight was a huge grey crab with big red spots.  The salt mining was an awesome bonus!



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