My Beliefs

I am feeling so amazing and really being me. I’m in alignment aka not in resistance.

Right now I am really enjoying connections and “surrendering to love in my life now!” I’m being my contract!!

I love surrendering now and am consciously doing it. I am really looking forward to being unconsciously competent in so many ways.

Consciously removing saying “B@T, C@N’T, C@NN@T and TR@” from my vocabulary. This is really awesome because it’s teaching me about how to change a habit! It’s simple when I know how to change it.

1. First I choose to want outcome. Do I want the outcome? How do I feel? If I feel good then my outcome is in alignment with me.

2. Then I set an intention. I am choosing intentions over goals. This works really well for me. (KT references 3 ways – specific, general, feeling.

3. Now it’s the best part…I enjoy the manifestation and being present!

This is what works for me. I love figuring this out. Every step of this journey is awesome.

Reflecting I see my programs (or beliefs) have a lot of energy around time. [I’m unclear why right now.] Time beliefs put on myself show up in my life in a number of ways.

What doesn’t work for me is rushing because it hits a number of time beliefs I’m consciously choosing to change.

I choose to change or manifest an outcome by feelings. It’s amazing and possible. I connect most with feeling and being present is the way it works best! I’m still consciously changing my beliefs about time it is to challenging to keep it.


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