My thinking is changed!

I really know I am in the manifestation stage of my financial freedom journey and it is freaking incredible!!

I had the most phenomenal experience with a muscle tester last week after the best masterminding session of my life. I have been having so many mini-epiphanies or breakthroughs with Chris that finally my mindset now thinks differently. But for some reason I wasn’t able to quite get there. There was a block! A block! And I just couldn’t quite get past this. My dear friend mentioned she absolutely values her wonderful muscle tester. I was very intrigued but I felt I shouldn’t spend the money. Well a relationship abrupt closure jarred my emotions deeply. This prompted me to take a leap of faith on spending $100 to promote my last blog post on Facebook. A risk. I’m almost out of money but I spend $100 on a whim? Well, I got a comment mentioning that I must have an emotional block. That was all it took for me to book her muscle tester! I took actions!

Going to the muscle tester with a truly changed way of thinking, I had the breakthrough of the last personal roadblock. I’m truly coming into myself by being deeply grateful for everyone in my life. I’ve held firm to be a financially free millionaire since I first got exposed to Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Poor Dad. So the past eight years about the to freaking day, I am ready. I went through the caterpillar stage. I steady grew into a self employed person turning my passion of kids and animals into a successful business. In September my caterpillar was over. Rich Dad once again sparked my drive for financial freedom and get up and get it! At this stage I was a caterpillar realizing a change is coming and beginning to spin a cocoon. I was excited and all over the place. I knew there was something really big happening but no real clue how it feels to fly. Just looking up at all the beautiful butterflies  and instead of feeling envious, recognize that I, too, am designed to become a self made millionaire who is financially free!

As soon as a realized that I choose the time when I start the transformation to become a butterfly, I got busy all fall figuring the best way to get financial freedom for me. How to I do something I love and am passionate about to achieve my wealth? That what my book “On the Cusp of Success” is about. What kind of awakening do you need to give you a big enough “why” to break free of the rat race?

For me, in order to fully express my qualities that will get to financial freedom, I had to express these qualities in all aspects of my life. Ah, ha. I needed to be at peace, but more importantly feel genuine gratitude for the deep love a human being has for another. What love someone has who would allow me the opportunity to spend the past 8 years as a caterpillar. I realized changing my mindset about this intricate relationship was the final piece to the transformation of my mindset. The last piece of the puzzle. Or more so, finding positive in every aspect of my current life dictated by my mindset before diving into the surreal positive manifestation of the next stage of my life. So my bristling emotions over the conclusion of a relationship was just the last moment I was just a caterpillar. Being inside that secure chrysalis of my transformation the past few months was incredible, but now is the time to emerge and take flight as a butterfly. The concrete finale of my supportive comfort zone waged an inner battle of my mind, my feelings, and my physical body. My head was happy and eager to embrace the future and claim my financially free expressions of my true self. But my terrified feelings coursed through my body and expressed itself in rivers of tears and aching sobs. Jumping in the deep end alone still grasping the last traces of fleeting doubt if I will be successful was terrifying. No wonder my stomach was sick and I barely ate for over a week. But am intentionally deciding everyday that I choose to let my mind, my consciously positive mindset, win this inner battle and take me to financial freedom.

I’ve changed. My whole outlook…I am different and ever changed. I’m doing what comes natural and it is wonderful. My wonderful friend shared this amazing quote I’ve mentioned before that, “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” It is so true!

We’ve been having some tension between members at bird club. It sucks. But instead of buying into the drama or my usual behavior of trying to solve the problem by analyzing it, I shifted my mentality. Instead I thought about what would be the best positive solution that benefits the club. Now looking deeper at what is the core value we all want to find by going to a bird club? That we love our birds and want to be around like-minded, bird-loving people. As I said in the email, “At the end of the day, we’re just crazy bird lovers wanting to have one night a month out with our birds interacting with other crazies, right?” If we intentionally bring that mentality into the club – wow! We will attract exactly the type of people we want into the club!

I have officially changed into the me I always am. I am loving and thoughtful and genuine. I am being genuine, but that’s really just me being me. I am not letting ego get in here right now. I am just letting my higher self come through. I have become able to fully express me!! Now I am expressing my qualities of being a natural born leader, problem solver, peace keeper and most importantly of all, a teacher. I am me.

The Law of Attraction is truly the most powerful and wonderful law. I am only just becoming aware of it’s potential and power of thoughts. Everything really just is energy, huh? And somehow when we think of something and it changes vibration, then the energy of the image pulls toward you. Like unto like. For me, financial freedom is like unlocking my true self. I am able to use that motivator to change my thinking and attract everything I need for freedom. I asked to me a financially free million before I am 30, well ask and ye shall receive!

I’m getting lead the way the exact route that will make me grow into the person I’ve always been, just failed to express fully. It wasn’t selfishness or self-centered, I was just immature. They were qualities I couldn’t express because they were never practiced. I had never had the opportunity to express my genuine qualities before without my ego getting in the way. Bad ego!



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