Nexplanon Reviews of 3 year birth control implant in the arm – Should I Get It to Prevent Pregnancy?

Nexplanon, an arm implant birth control that’s good for 3 years – too good to be true?

My new doctor – who I love by the way – recommended I have my teen use Nexplanon, an implant birth control that lasts 3 years. She said it’s the best birth control option around, especially for teens, rather than an IUD or other birth control contraceptive methods. And it’s fully covered by insurance!

Wow, if Amanda gets Nexplanon then in 3 years she’ll be 18 so we will have successfully circumnavigated teen pregnancy! Every parent’s dream, yes? Having her get this implant is definitely for my peace of mind though also I feel it’s in her best interest, too. Then this discussion got me rethinking my birth control methods and wondering if getting the Nexplanon implant would be good for me as well.

Nexplanon implant at the doctor’s office. You can feel what the sample is like in your arm too

Well, I made an appointment with the doctor to get the procedure and told Amanda.  She perked up at the idea of watching me get the injection – oh geez! I figured at least she’s interested and she wanted to read more about it and got the pamphlet. Hearing her read about it, my fear of medical procedures and needles started to rise and my body started spazzing – yep, my normal reaction just thinking of that stuff. Do I really want to go through with this?

Amanda noticed the pamphlet was fat and hard and found a paper folded inside. Here contained all the side effects and the negative stuff all tucked inside. When Amanda held it up this thing was huge!

Nexplanon Pamphlet Insert

This insert lists the drug facts and side effects and even includes the release waiver to sign. I read this giant Nexplanon insert and learned…

  • Less than 1 pregnancy in 100 in the first year (booklet doesn’t mention subsequent years except being effective for 3 years)
  •  _
  • Common side effects are irregular bleeding, weight gain, mood swings, headaches, acne and depression
  • _
  • Stops eggs from ovulating and thickens the uterus, not mucus and lining and does not contain estrogen like the pill does
  • _
  • May have insertion complications and even “float away” in the arm

I talked to my doctor about these side effects

She’s personally done over 1,000 implants and removed about 20 from women who didn’t like it. The majority was from having irregular periods, one because she claimed made her gain weight, and one for depression. As far as the pamphlet only citing studies for one year, my doctor attended a workshop and learned it’s effective for 3.5 years and possibly even longer.

Here are a few pictures from the pamphlet


The implantation and removal experience is my biggest negative when considering getting this birth control

Typically I am extremely distressed by medical procedures. Even discussing it at the doctor’s office has me curled up in a ball. Yes, I’m dramatic in those situations although it occurred to me that I now have a tool to remove this fear of shots.

I’m going to use my “Be Set Free Fast” technique to treat my fear of needles and medical procedures. So far with one BSFF treatment, I took my distress down a few degrees. “If I can cure that fear then I’m good to go right?”

Well…now I kinda circle back around to my original thought, “What are the risks and effectiveness? It this worth it? And if so, then do I care? Isn’t it worth the peace of mind to not have to worry about pregnancy for three years?” At least I’ll be thoroughly informed …especially if it’s something I want my daughter to do, too. So I’ve continued my research while still keeping my appointment.

UPDATE 2/1/18

I mentioned to Amanda was a birth control shot the doctor said helps acne, which was the primary reason both of us are on the pill. Amanda enjoys shots tho said she didn’t want this one and preferred “knowing” she was taking a pill. Well, even though she claims she’s not sexually active, the idea of pregnancy for her or myself scares me more. I decided it was something I wanted for the both of us for my peace of mind for the next few years. Whew!

UPDATE 2/4/18

After reading and compiling this post, on now thinking this is not something I want to do. The side effects gross me out and I am already very conscientious on my current birth control method. I’m thinking I’ll cancel the appointment tho I’m seeing my doctor via Kids next week so I’m going to discuss more thoroughly with her. And since my teen is claiming she’s not sexually active and wants to remain on the pill, I won’t push for Nextplanon yet. Though once she is then I’d prefer she’s on the long-term option of Nexplanon for her to not allow any human error resulting in pregnancy!

UPDATE 2/6/18

I’m considering extended travel plans internationally this year and realize this implant might be a much better option. Being on the go definitely means it’s harder to stay consistent taking my pill at the same time and even receiving my monthly prescription. Lots to consider!

UPDATE: 2/9/18

Went to the doctor’s office yesterday for Amanda’s routine checkup. I talked with my doctor more about Nexplanon. We discussed the side effects more and got to touch the sample. I’ve definitely wigging out over the implant, I will be numbed though so won’t feel it. I think I’m going to go ahead with it on my March 1 appointment. Amanda’s considering getting it, too.

I’m thinking I will go with more an even more permanent and effective birth control than remaining on the pill

The Nexplanon “pro list” sounds great although the “con list” is not good. Just reading this pamphlet is talking me out of using it. Has any reader had personal experience using Nexplanon or know women who have? My implantation appointment is in 30 days on March 1 so will I choose to proceed with this Nexplanon insert?

Even the 99.9% effectiveness of the pill still allows for my human error of taking it each day. And an unplanned pregnancy is 100% not something I want to chance on my financial freedom journey! The choice is mine and this is my life to create my way 🙂


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