Seeds are Sprouting

The seminar “high” has worn off. I definitely miss it but very impressed how long it lasted. Considering this I’m even more excited for PSI-7!

Although the high is gone, that’s ok because what I’m left with is a profound, permanent change. I have so many seeds planted and I can feel them about to break the surface! Everything is getting clearer and clearer and I’m super excited.

What I am most excited is being truly happy. Not this “happiness” we get more a fleeting moment if we’re lucky. But genuine love and joy of life! I genuinely what others to be happy as well doing what they love. This conscious choice for always feeling better is even better than I could’ve imagined!

When a negative emotion came up instead of succumbing to it by justifying it, I stopped and realized I wanted to feel better. And I control how I feel which leads to my emotions. And my emotions are responses caused from my beliefs that were just opinions I sub or consciously chose to accept as true. Did I get that all straight?! Whew!

…So….in order to feel better when I didn’t like something, I chose not let it ruin my day. I don’t even remember how the issue was resolved


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