Shifting Into High Gear

I’m actually very disappointed by my blog title. I’m disappointed because it’s perfect for what I am talking about and I don’t like the fact it applies to me!

Motivation! Ugh! Working on quitting excuses and I’ve been really good. And I’ve been consciously competent that I’m keeping my commitments, especially to myself! But…I feel that I don’t enjoy doing things right now that I need to be doing.

Leading to me needing to “shift into high gear” because I’m not really giving my 100%. Hence my disappointment with my title! Why can’t I stay consistently motivated? Why do I get bored or discouraged and let it effect my feelings?

Anyway I am conscious now about my behavior of slowing losing motivation. And I’m rejecting it! I am choosing to feel passionate about a goal and pursue it relentlessly until I achieve it!

I also tend to be waiting for a particular date(s) to take action and really get motivated. Right now it’s waiting until the kids go back to school (on Tuesday) and then my birthday (Thursday) for a new beginning. Just take action now!!! (That’s another behavior I am working on changing!)

So my high gears?

Training Business: Take content and chop and organize into modules, syndicate better and create landing pages

Weight Loss: Scheduled meal plan, start PAGG, incorporate the fat loss system

Family Life: Establish new school routine, balance work-family-social well

For me, DON’T SET GOALS…JUST INTEND and ACT! No more high gears needed!


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