What is my blog’s true purpose?

Ok. Here is it. My blog is 100% my journey to financial freedom. However I’m writing this as a public blog for everyone to read. Why?

This is just my journey, but what about yours? I truly hope that anyone who comes across my blog will be able to find at least inspiration that they will incorporate into their own life. I am writing my blog to encourage and benefit each other and hopefully read your personal blog journey’s as well.

This should serve as a how to by documenting the step by step thought process, inspiration, and action that I am taking that will get me to the result of financial freedom. It is a great way to build financial literacy and even pitch education and products I’ve bought with honest reviews.

Here my analogy that this journey is like my skydiving adventure on my 18th birthday. I learned all about skydiving – I watched amazing videos, thought about it, imagined it, heard other people’s stories who had done it, etc. (I didn’t but you can even simulate skydiving at Universal CityWalk.) But none of those compare to actually living it. I had to trust the people like the pilot and my experience tandem diver who had done it hundreds of times before to know I would be able to do it safely.

I had no fear when I was prepping in the classroom, getting into my jumpsuit or even the flight up. I think I got a little  bit of butterflies when we were about ready to jump. But when we actually jumped out of a plane thousands of feet above the earth, I felt the panic!

The second I actually made the leap to the point of no return, I felt a stab of fear and regret in my gut. The thoughts like “how can you be so stupid to try this” and “what did you get yourself into!” were screaming in my brain. But literally these thoughts lasted for only a split second. Then I felt the rush of the wind rippling past my body as I fell at 120mph! And then I loved it! The fear was gone as there was nothing to think about – I was living in the moment.

Skydiving was so amazing!! I’m so glad I got to experience it. Would I go again? Sure, but since I’ve already done it I don’t feel the need to go again. It’s more like if someone else really wanted to go for the first time, I would be happy to support them to face their fears and experience something amazing.

I think that the fear of skydiving can be just like the fear to starting the journey to financial freedom. I can read everything, hear success stories but there’s still nothing like actually experiencing it for myself.

Unfortunately most people don’t acheive financial freedom. Just the thought of not having job security can be too scary for most. And what about having to master the basics of accounting, understanding business systems, starting a business, managing employees, making tough choices?

I am writing my blog for you to get a glimpse of all that scary stuff and hopefully realize it’s not that scary and MUST be dealt with if you truly want financial freedom. Most of the fear is just blown out of proportion in the poor and middle class mentality. So if you can rationalize your fear by seeing someone else going through the financial freedom journey, then you can start your journey and discover what can be your new future, too.

That is my blog’s true purpose – to help us rationalize our fears of the unknown so we can begin the rest of our lives!

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