Basic Concepts

Becoming Aware of Your “Programs”

Growth and Decay
Grow, stabilize and then decay?

Is stability real?
Socrates theory

Plato theory = no stability

Seek out comfort because that’s “stability” however comfort is decay. Stability is really not there.

Challenge yourself for growth.

Three Ways of Listening

1. I Agree

  • I am right
  • I already know

2. I Disagee

  • I am right
  • I already know

No new information can get in!

Conveying I am smart, not listening. Listening Ready to response. You pay with your relationship when listen these two ways

3. Be With

  • Be Here Now
  • Be Present, be with what they’re saying
  • Don’t be just planning your response
  • Notice your feelings and reactions inside
  • Why am I feeling this way?


Childlike Values

  • Hugely success
  • Loving
  • Energetic
  • Honest
  • Trusting

Thinking/ Programs

Programs are lines of thought that are programmed in to make you successful in that environment

Walking, driving, etc. is programmed into you now, didn’t always know it. What else has gotten programmed in?

As children, we are little sponges and form beliefs about ourselves and others based on our experience of the world.

Stress occurs when your values and results are not in alignment!

You know you can have greater results so what’s happening!?

A great tool to combat stress – relaxation meditation

  1. Eliminate stress
  2. Health
  3. Sleep
  4. Solutions

40% of things never happen that we freak ourselves out over 🙂


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