Camping aka Living in Your Swimsuit All Weekend

To say I LOVE camping is an understatement.

Camping changed my life so many times.

One of the most epic camping experiences was when I KNEW I needed to go camp by myself out in the wilderness in Los Angeles.

It was a nagging feeling that stayed with me all the time. The little small voice   The one that is referred to all the time. Do I trust it? It was telling me to go camp in the woods. The idea got in my mind and stuck there. Do you ever have ideas like that you just need to pursue? This feeling lead me to check out the campgrounds within 100 miles of my home in LA. Then the opportunity opened up that I go get my solo weekend with no kids over Labor Day Weekend 2014. Driving up into the mountains.  Met people. Had a bear in camp!

List of Camping Essentials

  • Tent w Rainfly
  • Food Storage
  • Cooler
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Hammock
  • Bird Seed
  • Optional: Tarp for ground


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