Being Present

The biggest conscious change I’ve made in the past week is being truly present and attuned to myself and others this week. It’s been incredible!

I’m highly aware of my emotions and then focusing on always feeling better. I’m also on high alert about my beliefs and instantly rejecting any that don’t work for me.

Anyway one area I’m extremely determined to be present is with my kiddos. I have been on autopilot so long it’s been a six month awakening process. I’ve been determined to put down the cell phone, get up and really play with my kids, truly listen to their thoughts, beliefs and desires and teach them to take responsibility for their lives.

I’ve made the decision to put my youngest into the public preschool instead of private daycare. The free cost vs hundreds a month is a big pro, but there’s two other that are a bit more to think about.

1. Limited time
I will only have 2.5 hours a day guaranteed Monday through Friday to be kid-free.
Pro: makes me have to be 100% focused and driven
Con: limited time…does that have to be a con?

Oh, is that really my only issue? Hah! This is a great way to solve problems and make decisions.

I also want to be active in contributing to my children’s education. I’m thinking volunteering a day each month and playing CashFlow for money. Amanda can sell snacks!

What if it’s run as an after-school class? ACE offers and we pay ACE to run it. We don’t even have to do stuff! And kids who get out of rat race get prizes. Earn points. I dunno but what a thought! Lol!

Anyways I’m tired. Goodnight!


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