Challenging Beliefs

Being highly conscious of my thoughts and emotions is challenging!

I feel very attuned when I’m not feeling positive and working on always feeling better. However I really am thinking about why I had a certain reaction and what belief caused it. Very good I think but whew!

I was thinking so hard about these negative beliefs I begins to wear me down. I was feeling really upset finally.


Also on the flip side, feeling so much better has really messed with my motivation. Ugh! Really?


Anyway it’s such a struggle to me whether this journey and self discovery is a solo one or could be a partnership. For a fleeting second I thought I was going to be able to connect with two really important people in my life. I was super excited. Well…less than a week later, the dust has settled and sadly minds change quickly when faced with something new. I don’t know why I’ve always craved outside validation and support, but it’s one of my beliefs. Or is it just human nature?


Why do I have to be such a thinker? Haha, ok it’s just me but sheesh! It can be a pretty lonely world. After experiencing the basic, I am so connected with myself and engaged with others. Let’s keep the ball rolling, feel better and keep changing beliefs!


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