What a great evening! I’m a co-organizer of the San Fernando Valley Financial Freedom Club and we’ve been hosting a weekly CashFlow game play night since April. I’ve met a bunch of great new people and meet new ones every week as well.

I was finding that playing (personally) was getting a little monotonous I hate to say. I’m highly aware of my teachability index and was very worried I was missing something or this was a bad sign. I love playing with some of my mentors but wasn’t learning any new strategies or techniques.

Instead of focusing on my game, I played to benefit my table. I really enjoy coaching new players but always find myself juggling or torn between going slow for them vs implementing some advanced “riskier” strategies.

But tonight I really focused on how every deal I came across could be used to help the other players. It was a fantastic mindset! And did I “win?” I sure had a great time and ended up with a few million in the bank.

I always have a love affair with the “biggest” big deal card which is a 60 unit apartment building. (We have an extensive history!) Tonight I drew it as the last card of the night. So with $11,000 a month passive income…I asked who needed help getting out of the rat race. Only the two people with the highest salaries did so -bam!- I constructed the deal with those two funding partners and popped them both out of the rat race! Best use of my 60 unit so far!

I’m so grateful for my life and everyone who is an active part in it – thanks and I love you all!


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