Happy day

I have my daughter’s singing-a-long book’s tune stuck in my head, “Rig a gig gig it’s a happy day…!” Deciding to consciously be happier two days ago really makes a difference!

I spent a wonderful afternoon masterminding and catching up, webinar at noon and a successful morning meeting.

I managed to squeeze a few minutes of solo time watching the night deepen in the twilight sky. I realized I’ve barely been able to catch real thinking time. I used to drive hours a day and have all that time. It just kind of dawned on me tonight that once I changed my lifestyle (after I became a mom two years ago) I accidentally omitted any thinking time. I made sure to take “mom time” to read, watch TV, etc. but never actually just relaxed. The act of driving is relaxing to me since I go on “autopilot” aka unconscious competence and just let my thoughts meander.

Anyway…my thoughts are definitely meandering so off I go….!



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