Expecting Success

I love my life and my journey! I wouldn’t trade any of this for anything!!

I have had such a wonderful week of love while going through the next transition. My grandma and I rented the most wonderful home. We’re creating the next business venture here by converting the downstairs studio to a bunkhouse to rent out. I have many successes over the past year doing the same thing in other homes, now it’s our turn.

We both invested our money for the new place. I am used to doing everything solo now and used to taking business risks. It was/is really scary jumping into the next one with someone else. This was totally new and I felt a lot of anxiety and responsibility. Then I realized it’s because I’ve never had investors before so this is just a new experience- this is an opportunity for growth! As I move out of my comfort zone of operating solo businesses into investors, the anxiety is just bc I have never done it before. Once I had that “ah ha!” moment and recognized the stage I was in, the anxiety lifted! I relaxed, trusted in myself and (of course!) my grandma’s new business is doing amazing!

I have cultivated such clear intentions of where I am going through my practice of deliberate creation. HOW FAST I AM arriving at my goals is all tied to my belief of myself and my intentions. It’s the knowingness and belief that brings all my desires to fruition. I know I am successful!!

There’s a sweet spot as one of my mentors Kevin Trudeau talks about. When you have a 100% desire coupled with a 100% belief then you expect and will receive it! As we say in PSI, “S/he who is most certain wins!” Expectation is the key. I expect to achieve my dreams so I do!



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