Grateful for Receiving Abudance

I love, love waking up every morning! For one, my beautiful new view is the best and I love hearing the sounds of chickens and song birds. My favorite thing though is almost always I wake up to inbox money! Money isn’t my objective, it is just the result of providing a great service. I love waking up and seeing a series of texts with all my new bookings from overnight. Yes, I generate income while I’m sleeping! Love it!

Passive income is getting your money to work for you rather than you earning money. That’s what having a business is all about. “Find a need and fill it, that’s business” is a quote from yours truly. The only way to receive money in this world is from other people. You or your business will be compensated in direct proportion to the value you created for your customer. McDonald’s solves the problem of a quick bite, cheap problem with cheap value and then there’s a doctor who provides a huge value and solves a big problem. Both services are compensated in direct proportion to the service rendered. If you want to increase your income be of more service to others.

I have truly loved personally being of service over the two past years on my journey. I have adopted the attitude of “work to learn, not work to earn” and have given great service to people. I have been compensated in many different ways and not always with money. I’ve been shocked and grateful as I received free laptop servicing, free products and services, etc. It seemed like it came from nowhere, though as I give of myself I am opening the door to receiving more. 

Esther Hicks of Abraham talks of your abundance being in “vibrational escrow” and I love that. Know and believe that you’re receiving all the good for all the good you’ve created. It’s just a matter of physically receiving the Abudance in your life. Every morning and throughout the day I get texts and emails of a steady parade of income. I set the giving in motion a long time ago and now I I am so grateful to be receiving my Abudance.


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