How Women Can Recover Financially After the Pandemic

How Women Can Recover Financially After the Pandemic

As the employment sector continues to evolve, research shows that many professionals are ditching their traditional Small business owners often face competition from more well-financed companies when trying to achieve financial It’s no secret that COVID-19 took a toll on everyone, but, unfortunately, women were disproportionate victims of its resulting financial harm. From lost child care to lost jobs, the Center for American Progress notes that women from all walks of life have experienced career and personal setbacks in the past few years. But while the pandemic certainly brought hardship for women in particular, it also created many avenues for women to pursue new opportunities and find creative ways to support their families. Your Financial Freedom Journey outlines a few below.

Making Money Online

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of ways to earn a legitimate income without ever leaving your home. From blogging to tutoring to bookkeeping, you can find work that allows you to use your skills and have a flexible schedule so that you can continue to focus on your family. Visit job boards, such as Monster and Indeed, and filter results to show you work-from-home positions with schedules that match your needs. Vet all opportunities to ensure legitimacy, and do research to avoid being the victim of a job scam.

Starting Your Own Business

Becoming your own boss has many perks, from setting your own hours to making your own decisions about what products and services you’ll offer. If you’re new to owning a business, choose a venture that has low overhead and start-up costs, such as online teaching, consulting, or virtual assisting.

Creating a Business Plan for Your Business

Behind every successful business is a good business plan. Entrepreneur explains that a business plan serves as your guide for all things related to your specific company, from who will be in charge to what you’ll offer to customers. Of course, not everything will go to plan, but having your goals and objectives written down helps keep you on track as you navigate entrepreneurship. Additionally, potential investors need to see a sound business plan before pledging any funding to your company.

Marketing Your Business

With social media, it’s easier than ever to spread the word about your business. Develop a social media presence for your business, and create a content calendar for posting on a regular basis. You’ll also need a banner for your business, which you can create easily and cost-effectively with free online banner creator. You can choose your own logo, add text, and make adjustments to the font and color to match your business’s aesthetic and brand identity. From there, you can quickly use your banner as part of your branding strategy on all your print and digital media platforms.

Accounting for Your Business

The pandemic may have negatively impacted your career and your family’s finances, but thankfully, there are plenty of ways for you to financially recover and make an income from the comfort of your home. From starting your own business and creating a business plan to marketing your venture using an online banner maker and using robust accounting software, you’ll be better positioned to financially recover and be on the road to success!

In addition to financial freedom tools, Your Financial Freedom Journey helps you in finding an accountability partner, networking with another business owner, overcoming negative self-talk, and much more! Reach out to consultant and coach Lauren today!

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