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Yesterday I was asked if I know how to make a landing page – “I do!” Let’s show you how!

How do you make a Landing Page?

This is what’s still working, FOR FREE!, in 2022 and I started by using this service with WishPond in 2016/2017


What is a Landing Page?

There are 3 basic parts:




Guide to a perfect landing page content | Lunadio community

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My Landing Page Example

Here’s my Landing Page that I set up years ago for my “Inner Bank: a Financial Freedom Exercise” and it still works great!

Image 1 is the “ad” or lead magnet, which is a graphic on my home page and posts, etc.

Image 2 is the “opt-in” or landing page where they have to put in their email to get your offer (this WishPond page)

Image 3 is the “thank you” page they see AFTER they put in their email and it automatically emails them your offer (this WishPond page)

how to make a landing page 2022 your financial freedom journey
This is my photograph I turned into a lead magnet on my homepage

How to Make Landing Pages For FREE?

WishPond lets you use their software for free until you have 200 subscribers (email addresses that “opted-in” using your landing pages) and then it’s currently $99 a month for up to 1000 subscribers. They offer much more than just landing pages and you can host your email marketing, calendar, and even your whole website there for the same price. I do not work for WishPond, just found something for myself that is great, especially when it’s free when you’re just starting out.

MailChimp is another source that lets you make free landing pages when you have under 500 subscribers. I personally have only used their service for email marketing.

Both those companies offer their own training and technology support to make your landing pages.

WordPress is where I build this website and you can get free and/or paid plugins that let you collect email addresses on your website. Add some images and text with your collect email address button and you’ve made a landing page for free!

There are many options for building landing pages and many software companies will let you test for free, or like WishPond and MailChimp, you can use them for free while getting started. What a great blessing to support your financial freedom journey!

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