Lions and tigers and RSS feeds…oh my!

Today was spent in a cloud of confusion. Unfortunately the clouds haven’t lifted!! I’ve made progress and watched videos explaining and demonstrating how to use RSS feeds but I’m still confused!!

My Rich Dad coach recommended using a RSS feed and video blogging on my site. So that was a my project for the day. I started with getting my RSS feed going! And that’s where my day went!!

I get what an RSS feed is…but how do I use it as a reader? What is it really good for? I don’t get it!

I watched this video on YouTube by Michelle Gower on how to install RSS on WordPress. The video was really helpful on the power of RSS as a widget on your website. You can put blog feeds from websites you like on yours.

Her video also mentioned feed burner as an easy way to use your RSS. So I got it and installed feed burner already.

My biggest question as a user? So how do I read different blogs from different site all on one page? Isn’t there one app I can read all blogs I subscribe to? No!! Ahh!!!

On feed burner I picked one of the options they have for reading blog which is netvibes. So I went on two other blogs I know (tinybluelines and fitnwellmommy). Both of their RSS links were totally different and neither worked with my netvibes. Ugh!!! I quit!!

No.. Ok. I’ll try. But this is what my confusion has left me. How the heck do you universally read blogs you subscribe to?! Ahhhh!!! Help!!!

On a side note I put my Instagram addict of a daughter to work tonight! She gets to manage this blog’s new Instagram as well as Reptacular’s. When she hits the first 100 likes for an account she gets $20 and $10 for every 100 thereafter. She’s thrilled and got me one follower already.

I had a great conference call with the designers on Reptacular’s website redesign. It’s switching over to WordPress, getting a major SEO upgrade and incorporating a blog.

Lastly a great resolution to my issue on my Rich Dad coaching.



  1. Thanks! I definitely felt boggled learning about RSS feeds. I really wish there was a universal feed – it would make everything so much easier to stay updated!

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