Social media tidal wave! Am I drowning yet?

To finalize this website, I needed to link all the social media aspects.

I make a profile for LaurensFinancialFreedomJourney on:

Page on Google+

Whew! Then I went and linked all of them into this website’s social sharing links.

The hardest thing I had to figure out was how to verify my website on Google+. I added a link to this website but then it made me add metatags, etc. to my website. I googled answers and sorta found solutions. What I ended up doing was copying the link and now in WordPress clicking on Appearance then Theme Options. I added the link under the header and it worked for one option. When I tried to verify it again, Google+ wasn’t able to find it. So then I copied a different link into the header and this time it worked! I have no clue what it really is but at least my Google+ page says my site is verified! Hopefully it helps promote my site!

Now that’s I have a bunch of social media sites, how do I keep up with them all? I had heard of HootSuite last year for Reptacular so just opened one for this blog. HootSuite is a great service to consolidate all your social media so you can post in one place and HootSuite will update it on all the sites it’s linked to. That should help me stay updated! I signed up for the free account for 5 social media sites and it includes FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and FourSquare. Now I’m going to test my HootSuite by posting a link to this new blog post.


*Love this cartoon from



**Update** Oh dear! HootSuite gave me an error so I tried it again. another error, so tried again. When I checked on my FB page, it posted the same thing 3 times! Ugh! Not sure even what the error was then since it did post.



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