Rich Dad Education – 3 Day Real Estate Training

Wow! What a GREAT class! I loved our instructor Lee Escobar. He’s actually about to publish a book Rich Soldier with Robert Kiyosaki’s publisher. He went through all the classes around 2005 and got out of the rat race in 8 months. He’s built himself a real estate investing business that’s very successful (we took note of the Rolex, Bentley, Astin Martin, Louis Vitton belt, etc!). The best part I thought was that he hasn’t personally done in a deal in 1.5 years! He’s built the team that’s doing it all for him so he can do what he loves – teaching us at Rich Dad classes and being in the military.

The class is packed with phenominal information! And not only was Lee an investor but he brought his power team who are all investors, truly care about your success, and able to answer our questions. We really did learn everything we need to get started. However as they prefaced, this was “highschool.” If we want to really go into detail on specifics aspects then that’s where the elite trainings come in and they are “college.” You don’t have to go to elite to get started in real estate investing – you have all the info! – but most people including myself feel like you want more knowledge to build up your confidence.

When you sign up for the 3 day, along with all information is a workbook for changing your mindset. How perfect they make you do a workbook about changing your mentality before you even go to the workshop. Exercises like mentally preparing for signing for a million dollar mortgage on a great investment. Wow!

There was about 100 people in our class. The first few hours of the class our just focused on mindset and also understanding how we learn. Rich Dad Education fully implements the “cone of learning.” Here’s a image copied from


Real Estate Investing
We literally learned about most of the aspects involved from targeting an area, marketing to sellers, how to make an offer, and a bunch of different exit strategies. There’s so much to cover, it really gives you an overview if you want to continue on the journey to become a real estate investor.

Continuing Education
From our class I believe 17 people signed up to continue onto the Elite training. I met a wonderful lady and we decided to split the cost of the double elite education so I saved almost $4,000!


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