Types of Real Estate Investors

Big “Ah ha” Revelation

E and s investors.
*For those of you unable familar with Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant, here’s a great visual I got from http://www.nairaland.com/attachments/1194450_cash_flow_quadrant_laneen_jpg048cbd1be86974303df1132547cdab87

Rich Dad's CashFlow Quadrant
Rich Dad’s CashFlow Quadrant

So here’s my idea about E and S real estate investors.

E investors will buy one rental, maybe a couple. They still have a job. Their rental “assets” are most likely self managed and many times those landlords don’t last very long.

S investors get good at investing but they still have to do it. It’s their job – “I am an investor.” Hopefully it’s great money but they’re still in rat race. The rat race in the sense if they don’t make the offers, etc. the business won’t run. Rat race, rat race! If you are working in your business, you’re still trading your time for dollars. Ah ha!!!! Robert Kiyosaki says over and over you have to create a business with systems. And the E-Myth, too.

I am not going to be a “real estate investor”. That’s a job. My job is to be an owner, investor, creator! I won’t have a job!!! I will be out of the rat race. I don’t want to do the real estate deals. I won’t. I am aquiring the knowledge to set up a business system that does real estate investing for me. My only purpose (job) is to build the system now so it will do it for me.

I have to learn how to draw plans like an architect going to school. I must study hard as I have to know what things go together what can work. Then when I have an idea or goal I can sculpt them into a feasible or true goal. An architect gets told by a client that they want something modern. So the architect comes up with the idea, vision and goal. Then uses the knowledge to make a blueprint: 100% vision + 100% real = 100% doable blueprint.

So the contractor doesn’t have vision or know why something has to be that angle. He just knows how to build that certain angle. But doesn’t have to know the why.

Some people (E & S) have a vision and then do it themselves to get there. But when the rich (B & I) have a vision or goal they use other people’s money and time to acheive it. Then the rich get the pleasure or use of their idea without having to do all the manual labor. Ah ha!



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