Seller calls and finishing HTWFAIP

Yesterday I had 7 seller leads to call. I left messages on all but one – which was an apartment for rent. Most of these leads are to brokers and just asking if they’d have any properties we can buy as an investment. I’m not sure why the leads are changing from individual to broker. I’ll definitely ask Steve and Gil.

Then I had a chance to finish reading How To Win Friends And Influence People. I added all my notes and quotes into the original post on it. I found it a very insightful book. I plan to implement all their techniques. There’s a lot to remember so I’ll definitely be referring to my own notes!

I was going through BIM 30 days to 10k program before the holidays. The next step is placing paid ads, but I don’t feel my blog is optimized for paid traffic yet so I put the program on pause. Steve just told me to go through all the content now and just hold off on the paid ads for now. So that’s what I plan to do.

I have a phone consult today with my cousin on her blog. Hoping to get advice on good formatting because I can’t customize exactly how I’d like to. Once my site is fixed, then I’ll be ready to start placing the paid ads and generating traffic.

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