Think Bigger!!

Jumped on a webinar tonight from Big Idea Mastermind about the launch of a new product from Empower Network called High Ticket Academy. They talked about how it takes the same effort to sell a $5 product than a $5,000 product. Interesting to think about, but quite true!

In order to sell more expensive stuff – think bigger! If you leverage your time, energy, resources, and capital the results will increase tenfold. A good point was brought up that a realtor loves working with buyer of more expensive homes. Yes, the commission is larger, but more importantly because those type of people recognize opportunity quickly and jump on it! Very valid point!

It takes no more effort to sell something small than sell something big. Successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly. Many people who are not getting the results they want in life usually take a long to make the decision to act on something and then they’ll easily change their mind and back out!

Remember: If you have a big enough why then the how takes care of itself!! Wow!! I certainly hope that’s true as I’m basing my life around that statement right now!!

It takes a certain type of person to become successful. Become a millionaire because of the person you will become. The fortune is in your decision!


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