Trying to do free real estate marketing

Last week I felt very frustrated. I like to get inspired, work as hard as I can implementing what I learned and then get great results. I don’t cope well when results and slow or non-existant. So last week I was frustrated so the fire died out and I ended up vegetating. When that happens I have a hard time pulling myself out until I get inspired again.

I tried a week ago putting ads out on Craigslist and PennySaver for real estate sellers. One was the exact “goldmine” ad they gave us in the seminar. The other was an inspired one I thought up. No results for anything on Craigslist or PennySaver. Ugh!! Oh, actually one but turned out to be a hoax which got me more frustrated. So I moaped around.

Well REI black book contacted me late last week wanting to know if I had questions. They set up a tutorial w me today. They showed me how to navigate their site, where I can use landing pages to track leads, etc. Yeah! Here’s hoping what I just learned will deliver results when I implement it!! It sounds great!


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